West Lakes Challenge

A National Qualifying Event for Open Water Swimming in South Australia.

The next competition is 12th November 2017. It is held at Oarsman Reserve (next to the Rowing Club), on Military Road

This is an Open Water Swimming event hosted by the Henley and Grange Swimming Club and is a national qualifying event for 5 Km and 10 Km distances and includes introductory events of 1Km and 2.5Km for younger swimmers.

West Lakes is arguably one of the best open water swimming locations in Australia and certainly the safest and best all-weather circuit in South Australia. The circuit is a tidally refreshed estuary built as an international standard rowing regatta course included in a housing development some 25 years ago. It is an ideal course for open water swimming; water travels in one direction only and is refreshed with each incoming tide. Water is kept at a constant height and there is only a minor tidal effect in the lakes.

West Lakes is only 10km from Adelaide’s CBD and there is ample and excellent accommodation nearby. The Lakes Resort Hotel (5 star) sits opposite the Start/Finish line. There is also an excellent caravan park with onsite vans at Semaphore about 2 Km north of the venue and an alternative park at West Beach approximately 8 Km to the south. Both sites are excellent and are located on the foreshore to the Gulf St. Vincent.

There is high level of safety for all swimmers. Henley Life Saving Club will provide water safety including the SLSA jet boat. The event will be fully marshalled by Swimming SA.

Course The course is rectangular : 2 laps for 5km and 4 laps for 10km. (For those competing in the 10km, a time can be taken at the 5Km gate enabling swimmers to register 5km times and to be included in 5Km trophies, if they register and pay for both events).

Registration and cap allocation will be held at 11.30am at Oarsman Reserve adjacent to the Rowing Club on Military Road, with the first race commencing at 12.30pm.

Events will be conducted with starts of 5 minute intervals for age categories. Males and females will swim in separate categories.

This is an ideal circuit to encourage younger swimmers to enter open water events and consequently there are 1Km & 2.5Km events included in the program. To be eligible to enter, South Australian OWS By-Laws require that competitors must be at least 10 years old on the day of the meet and must have achieved a time of less than 7 mins 30 secs for 400m Freestyle since 1 January 2014 or evidence of a completed open water swim since 1 January 2014.

5km events – minimum age 12 years, plus either evidence of 800m in 12 minutes or less since 1st January 2014, or completed any open water swim since 1st January 2014.

10km events – minimum age 13 years, plus either evidence of 1500m in 20 minutes or less since 1st January 2014, or 5km in 1hr 20 minutes or less.

The entry fee is: 1km – $20, 2.5km – $25, 5km – $30, 10km – $30, 5&10km – $50

Entry to events

Please nominate for events through SwimmingSA.

All swimmers must be member of a swimming club to enter, however if you are a Masters swimmer whose club does not have Team Manager please send details to nominations@henleyandgrange.org.au to enter.