Henley and Grange Jetty Open Water Swim

The Henley and Grange Swimming Club has been proudly hosting the Annual swim between the Henley and Grange Jetties since 1917. It has become affectionately known as “The Long Swim”.

The next long swim is [TBA]

The Henley to Grange swim is regarded as the most prestigious “Long Swim” in South Australia; the number of entries has increased every year for the past ten years. The tradition continues. Nominations come in for each year’s event but the swim remains a challenge and an achievement for all competitors. The challenge for each is different, but no doubt satisfaction is gained by all just for taking part.

The minimum age for entries is 10 years, and all swimmers must have a current 400m time of 7 minutes and 30 seconds or less, or evidence of a completed open water swim since 1st January 2014. The course is approximately 2km.

Water cover will be provided by Henley Surf Lifesaving Club.

Entry to events

Please nominate for events through SwimmingSA.

All swimmers must be member of a swimming club to enter, however if you are a Masters swimmer whose club does not have Team Manager please send details to nominations@henleyandgrange.org.au to enter.